Enrich Micronutrient Food Powder®

Enrich MNP: Bio-Organics Nutrient Systems Limited


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enrich®?

Enrich® is our own brand of micronutrient powder (MNP). It is a single serve blend of essential vitamins and minerals sprinkled into and mixed with ready to eat food. It is an easy and cost effective form of food fortification (home fortification) targetted to meet the daily nutrient requirement of children 6-59 months and does not affect the taste, colour or texture of the food to which it is added.

What is Enrich® used for?

Enrich® is used in the prevention of micronutrient deficiency in children 6-59 months. It is particularly used in regions where this type of malnutrition is prevalent among the population. These symptoms of malnutrition manifests as weakened immune system, stunted growth, slow learning and at times death. Enrich® was developed to fight Vitamin A deficiency, Iron deficiency anemia as well as other essential micronutrient deficiencies in the vulnerable group, such as zinc and folic acid deficiency.

Is it a drug?

No, Enrich® is not a drug; it is part of your daily food component helping to provide additional nutrients from staple foods. It makes up for all vitamins and minerals lacking in our everyday staple foods; which is why it is added directly to ready-to-eat-meals.

Can Enrich® be taken alone?

Enrich® should be added directly to semi solid and solid foods such as pap, soups, oats, cereals, porridge, noodles, and so on.

Who can use Enrich®?

The primary target for Enrich® is children between 6-59 months after successful completion of 6 months exclusive breastfeeding. But pregnant and lactating mothers and other family members may also benefit from the nutrients in Enrich®

What happens if I give my child more than one sachet?

Don’t worry it is not harmful because the micronutrients in Enrich® complement the daily recommended intake and the daily dose in a sachet is well below the upper limit of intake for each individual micronutrient but do not give Enrich® to the child the next day.

How many sachets of Enrich® should I give my child in a day?

Give one sachet per child per day

Can Enrich® be put in beverages?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that children be breastfed exclusively for six (6) months after which complementary feeding and Enrich® can be introduced.

When should Enrich® be introduced?

Enrich® can be used in fruit juices and cocoa beverages. But note that incomplete dissolution can cause undesirable wastage. Enrich® should not be added to beverages such as tea or coffee because of complex reactions that can cause a discoloration.

How long can Enrich® be used for?

An optimal dose of one (1) sachet per day is ideal for a child aged 6-59 months to meet the daily recommended nutrient intake. Alternatively, a minimum of four (4) sachets per week can be used.

How do I store Enrich®?

Enrich® should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and at a temperature not more than 250C in original packaging.

I already give my children fruits and vegetables, why should I include Enrich® in their meal?

Yes, fruits and vegetables are great! But the use of Enrich® is complementary (that is in addition) to our normal daily food intake.